"…For there is always someone who believes in you."

"…For there is always someone who believes in you."

this sounds really cool! the NA community team is doing a live show! :D

aetherflow said: it’s actually $18!

oh, cool! that’s a little cheaper than i thought! thank you for letting me know.

purrist said: I love it. She seems spunky and youthful, but not too girly and sweet. I think the seafoam green hair makes it work very well.

aaahh thank you very much for the feedback! :D I appreciate it!

i didn’t know if the pigtails were too ‘ehh’ because she’s a very rough little lalafell. but at the same time she was still her parents’ little girl so i wanted to show that a little bit and i feel like giant cutesy pigtails kind of has the ‘i’m the cute little kid’ feel to it. and that in itself could be interesting because she looks like she’s all cute and cuddly until she opens her mouth and starts shit-talking your mother, as she is wont to do. :D

xmireillechanx said: Wait, you’re on Sargatanas too? o: We should totally add each other. >.>

of course! fleurette’s always been on sargatanas since…forever! as for mhuswyda she may get there eventually but i’d have to have a hole burning in my pocket or something…i think a server transfer is 25 bucks-ish.

good news: they’re pushing back the animus quest upgrade so maybe people can stop running through it like it is their life’s mission

bad news: the new swan/fox/animal-themed pvp gear is coming out in 2.25 and i will never get it because i can’t pvp for shit

i went on mhuswyda the other day and gave her a new haircut. it matches her…youthful-ness, i guess (she’s 16-ish), but i don’t know if she likes it. might be too girly for a little sea wolf.

i might bring her over to sargatanas so i can play her more. i enjoy playing her a lot because i can see her quests and stuff through a lominsan point of view and it can be a nice breath of fresh air.



faefangirl said: Same-sex marriage. They were (supposedly) locking and deleting people’s threads without telling the authors, so when the author reposted their thread because suddenly it’s not there anymore they got banned for ‘spamming’.

damn, they really like dodging the subject when it comes to that. o.o

warning: opinion below

i honestly think they just need to let the whole same-sex marriage thing happen because it’s gonna cause the hugest shitstorm if they don’t. not only because it brings up the issue of rights of same-sex couples and stuff which is a huge thing in itself, but because there’re a LOT of people who play the opposite gender character and their friends play the same gender and then both of their characters are the same gender, but they want to get married in-game, etc.

also i feel like the internet’s a pretty…liberal place, anyway. i don’t think anyone here is going to freak out if they allow it.

i think the issue here is just japan. they’re a very conservative country and stuff like same-sex marriage is taboo over there. i think that’s why yoshi-p just has no idea what to do when it comes to in-game marriage, but in the end it’s probably up to people higher up than him on the coporate chain of SE to decide to keep their reputation.

faefangirl said: Did you see the whole thing where they just up and removed any thread started about in-game marriage?

I did not! I know there’ve been a bazillion threads on in-game marriage in the past…they probably don’t want to risk it getting as crazy as the beta forums stuff on marriage. :P

edit: i didn’t see the word ‘any’

kalcey said: The thread is no more, I can smell an anti-bagel conspiracy afoot at SE! D:

god damn it really is gone…those GMs must be really really strict.

rip to the bagels.