Before the Calamity, I used to love the sunshine in Coerthas. It was really rare back then, too. But sometimes, the sun would peek out, and the dull greens of the highlands would finally turn vivid! The green grass shone in the sunlight so gently, you could see the lakes sparkle in the distance, and it would feel so warm against your back…you couldn’t not like the sunny weather after spending a few hours in Dzemael Darkhold…I mean, the name alone implies that it’s dark in there. So sunlight was the most welcoming thing after getting rid of a few voidsent down there in the depths! My friends and I loved it.

In five years, the vast, mysterious highlands turned into a freezing wasteland. The sparkling lakes froze over. The brilliant, deep shades of green were buried beneath a blanket of pure snow, and the people living there, too, became colder, maybe from the change in the weather.

Not too long ago, I was having lunch at the Carline Canopy (as I sometimes do), and I heard a few adventurers chatting at the table behind me. I remember one of them saying:

"Aye, ain’t nothin’ like the sun in Coerthas these days, that’s for sure."

I didn’t know what that meant. Probably because I’d never seen it sunny there after the Calamity…Nowadays, it’s usually snowing or foggy or cloudy…so fair weather became even rarer, I would think.

I was eager to go over there one day to see what the sunny weather there was like now. Some scholars over at the really inconveniently-named astronomy tower said it’d be sunny on a certain morning, so I went to a cliff by Ishgard along with Little Seedseer, just to see if it would be anything like it used to be.

Around 8 bells in the morning, the sun came out.

…But something was wrong. The warm breeze I expected was hollow and chilly as it shot down my back. The snow reflected the cold sunlight right back into my eyes, and for a second, I was blinded, as if the light was everywhere and nowhere. Even the air seemed to get colder than it did when it was snowing…or maybe that was just me. It…honestly wasn’t what I was expecting. The warm, sunny Coerthas mornings of my memory were gone, and these new ones seemed to be here to stay. I felt some kind of…bitter resentment towards that fact, maybe.

But that didn’t mean I had to stay there. There was only so much of it I could take. So, I hopped on Sunshine, headed in the opposite direction of the sun, and back home, towards the Twelveswood.

To this day, I don’t really know what that other adventurer meant about it being sunny in Coerthas these days. I guess the sunny weather there is what you make of it. Some people will love it, and some people will hate it…and while I might not be fond of it anymore, I’m sure there are others who still are.

But, as for me, I’ll take snow flurries over blinding sunlight any day.

-The Journal of Fleurette Luluya, circa Seventh Astral Era

last night as i was desperately trying to sleep a weird mob of like 40 people started having some kind of loud party outside my dorm building and i could not actually sleep until they stopped, an hour later.

so i drew these doodle-y things until they ended up shutting up.

fun fact:

something i have wanted to do forEVER is make an a capella version of the castrum novum/tribuni battle theme complete with me trying to do dance moves while recording myself sitting down and doing all of the vocal parts. (i have a stupid little dance that i do when something good happens and it matches the rhythm of this song so i call it the ‘castrum novum dance’ WOW I ACTUALLY SAID IT)

except that requires people and me actually breaking down music into smaller groups and i feel like it would first benefit me to take a music theory class and/or learn an instrument first

chia and i put on our cook outfits yesterday so we could get out of sin being silly queueing us up for garuda ex at 1 in the morning when we’re tired because that’s what he does.


she said we looked like easter candies!

this was an extremely covert operation to get lassie back from the clutches of sati’s retainer at the CE house

fleurette snuck in, jumped the fence, and stole her favorite weapon back totally unnoticed…although i think maybe mattoid and sati were watching from the summoning bell nearby.

i made olivier a sailor shirt today. i think he likes it.


i am slowly but surely getting my Ph.D in kanwyb studies


Merlwyb appreciation post for Chelsea

Silence - a ffxiv story.


Characters/Pairing: Kan-E-Senna/Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Rating: safe for work
Word Count: 1,670
Warnings: none!
Summary: Voices. One voice, two voices, three, a great many—the Elder Seedseer does not remember a time where her thoughts were entirely her own.

Other Notes: this kinda just happened and i was like “oh my god i wrote something!!” …so here you go. it takes place after 2.2’s story but there aren’t any spoilers or anything like that!

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